Clyde Autin

I’m an enthusiastic and product focused business builder. Born in Paris, France and spent the first 13 years of my life growing up between there, New York and California.

In 2015, I decided to start a venture of my own as I was frustrated when playing video games because I didn’t have the right teammates to play with. Since then I taught myself to program and put together a team of 5 people to launch an app which was downloaded by over 5500 people with a peak of 1500 active users. Like most startups, we ran into our share of issues and as CEO I made the ultimate decision to shutter down the company. I still love making things, watching them grow while creating a system of checks and balances around them to ensure that they'll stay big once built is more than rewarding.

When it comes to giving back, some of the causes I hold dearest to me are the ones that focus on helping getting people clean water such as Charity Water and also feeding children in need such as No Kid Hungry